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Quarterly Meeting Minutes

Posted by The Percolator (Austin) on January 3, 2015 at 7:05 PM Comments comments (15)

1 January 2015 2:00 PM Townline Bar and Grill

Officers (Board Members)

The positions for board members are as follows:

President: Bob Heroux

Vice President: Mike Eastman

Treasurer: Tabled ‘til next meeting, Current Alex Aerts, interest expressed by Scott Biebel and Val Yazzie

Secretary: Mickey Jenks

Sticker/T-Shirt Guy/Gal: Scott Biebel and Mallory Biebel


-Meetings for Titletown Jeepers will occur once every quarter. The meetings will take place on the second (2nd) Sunday of the month. These dates are subject to change if need be. Remaining projected meeting dates for 2015: April 15, July 12, and October 11.

Requirements for New Members

It was voted on and passed with a majority that all new members be required to attend two events before paying dues and becoming full members of TTJ. Eligible events include Trail Rides, Build Days, Meet and Greets, Meetings, Tailgate Parties, ext. No stickers, banners, badges, t-shirts, sweatshirts, or assorted TTJ items will be issued or sold to new members until the “trial” period of two events has been completed, dues have been paid, and members have voted new member into club.

Club Sponsorships

The Forrest County Advertisement for TTJ has been paid in full. ($200)

WOHVA membership for club to be a supporting club will be paid in full. ($250)

WORVPI membership for club to be a supporting club will be paid in full. ($100)

Website/Public Relations

The website will be simplified. It will include information, pictures, and contact info. Austin Burmeister will work on new site. Club email is [email protected] Bob Heroux, Garrick Roland, and Scott Biebel will monitor account.

A new Facebook Like page will be created for non-members to follow and gather information.


Sponsorship of the Club

4WD, Rock Ridge, and Extreme Terrain are currently sponsors of TTJ. We receive discounts at these vendors. The club receives a 3% kick back from 4WD at the end of the year. No word on amount received for 2014 at this time.

Reminder of Our Stance

Public Relations can be a pain in the butt. Remember every picture that is taken can be twisted to fit the needs of the person using it. Be sure to keep an eye on your posts and pictures so they cannot be used in a negative light. There are people who want to damage the credibility of off road enthusiasts and see our sport out lawed. Please do not give them the ammunition they need. Remember that even on public roads, if there are big ruts, people in stock vehicles can’t access them. This can cause the general public to view all off roaders in a negative light. Education is a huge part being a responsible off road enthusiast, learn, teach, and preach the Tread Lightly principles. Try to teach others the proper and respectable way to wheel.

Upcoming Events in 2015

-Polar Plunge Team: February 28 at the Watering Hole in Green Bay

-Meet and Greet Picnic: Date To Be Determined, Location: Likely same as last year, TBD

-Tailgate Party: September/October at Lambeau

-Meetings: Quarterly Meetings, locations TBD

-Adopt-a-Highway Cleanup: Twice between Memorial Day and Labor Day, Mike Eastman Coordinating

-Polka Days Parade: TBD

-Abrams Fire Department Days: Possible Jeep Show

-NWTC Car Show: Possible

-Jeep Jamboree: July 16, 17, 18 at Mole Lake (Crandon) Wisconsin

-Great Northern Trail Ride: August 13, 14, 15 at Mole Lake (Crandon) Wisconsin

-Trail Rides: Feel free to set up or ride with someone who does.

-WOHVA Build Days: Many throughout summer. Must be a WOHVA member or ride with a driver that is. Vehicle must have a spill kit. Really not a lot of work. Build trails, then drive them. Kids welcome.


Dues for membership for 2015 are $20. Membership to other groups is not provided with these dues.

Members Present for Meeting

Bob and Amy Heroux, Ryan Heilmann, John Lewins, Joel Kaster, Mike Eastman, Jeff Lohry, Dennis Kinchen, Nick and Katie Bienzen, Carl Matz, Millie Hansen, Brandon Vincent, Randy VanBeckum, Scott and Donna Biebel, and Garrick Roland

New Members

Welcome to the new members joining at the meeting:

Chris Carr

Joe Yazzie

Val Yazzie

Kristopher Thiele

Brian Rouse



Minutes Prepared and Submitted by: Garrick Roland

Group photo/Meeting

Posted by The Percolator (Austin) on January 19, 2014 at 11:10 PM Comments comments (0)

Good turnout today for the photo meeting, few new faces few old.  I apologize if word did not get to you in time and did not know bout the location change.  I owe you a drink at the next event we are both at.  Ill post up my photos as soon as i have some extra time> A huge Thanks to Marco Antonio Gutierrez for taking a ton of Pictures for us, I'll get them up as sson as i can You get alot of credit.   

All Members Meeting Buster’s Bar, Green Bay December 8, 2013 @ 5:00 p.m.

Posted by The Percolator (Austin) on December 16, 2013 at 1:20 PM Comments comments (0)

TitleTown Jeepers Minutes 12/08/13


All Members Meeting


Buster’s Bar, Green Bay


December 8, 2013 @ 5:00 p.m.




Bob Heroux


Mickey Jenks


Mark Jenks


Luke Krueger/Family


Brandon Vincent


Troy Stevenson


Austin Burmeister


Michael Eastman


Donna Biebel


Dustin James


Nick Bienzen


Katie Matz Bienzen


Special Guest Speakers


Dan Bergin, WOHVA, WORVPI Jim Goeldner, Damage Inc. 4X4 Club




Off Road Park Discussion


* Dan Bergin informed the group of the background of WOHVA and WORVPI. He encouraged our group to become individual and active members and visit their websites to learn more about the organizations and what we can do to show support for our hobby and the future off road park in Forest County.


* Jim spoke more in detail of what groups can do to advocate, fundraising opportunities, and lobbying for the park.


By-laws Member Vote In


* Voted on whether or not to make official. The vote was unanimously “Yes”


Impromtu Trail Rides (Future)


* Brief discussion about future trail rides and frequency. Will discuss again during future meetings when larger group turnout


Treasurer Report


* Not in attendance, but remainder of $230.00 for group


* Discussed and agreed that for 2014 members dues will be $25.00 and for new members who have joined during the final three months of 2013 would only have to pay the difference towards 2014 dues


* Stickers have generated about $15.00 since the last meeting


* Need to set up our group business account


* Bob agreed to look into group liability insurance


Upcoming Events


* Christmas Party


o It was voted and agreed that this year’s Christmas Party will be a pot luck event with date/location still to be determined. Brandon Vincent will be heading this event.


* Green Bay 2014 Polar Plunge (02/22/14)


o There are currently nine members signed up and solicitating for donations for this event. To learn more, sign up, or donate, please visit Green Bay 2014 Polar Plunge


TTJ Website


* Austin Burmeister is the administrator for our site. It is up and functional and members are encouraged to sign up to draw interest to our group.




* Participation Points


o Voted to put on back burner until next year as we are allocating our monies to the greater good (off road park, etc)


* Future New Members Requirements


o Discussed and agreed that going forward, anyone interested in joining this group will mandatorily have to participate in one group meeting and one group trail ride


* Toys For Tots


o Discussed at last meeting but since then have determined that there would not be enough time to create an event this year, but Brian Buck, owner of Auto Aces has voiced his interest in using his three locations for future events


* Car Show Events


o Briefly discussed ways to raise money and/or awareness to our group and the park. Future car shows was one discussed and will be brought up again during future meetings

Guest Speakers at Last Meeting

Posted by The Percolator (Austin) on December 10, 2013 at 8:10 PM Comments comments (0)

Had two fellow offroad enthusiats give a presentation on the very prospective offroad park in Forest County. Wisconsin Off-Road Vehicke Park.  Thank you agian James Goeldner and Dan Bergin.  We all at TTJ appreciate your time.